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Jägerhof Game Lodge offers special game viewing trips or game tours to cater for those guests who would like to experience the Big 5 close up and see other animals that the Game Lodge in Port Elizabeth doesn't stock. To cater for these game viewing needs we offer 3 customised options. To book for these special tours please contact enquiries at +27 (0) 83 266 5444

Baviaanskloof  Reserve

The Baviaanskloof - "Valley of the Baboons" - lies roughly 120km west of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The mega-reserve comprises of approximately 200 square kilometers of unspoiled, rugged, mountainous terrain. Beginning in the east at Komdomo Campsite, the road leads through the rugged beauty of the Groot River Port, winding its way through pristine conservation areas, towards Willowmore in the west. This covers a distance of approximately 250km.

Customised Tours


The Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve is one of the largest wilderness conservation areas in the country where about 500,000ha of land, owned by the government and the private sector, is collaboratively managed by Eastern Cape Parks. It represents seven out of eight of South Africa's biomes, which are distinct ecological communities of plants and animals that live together in a particular climate.

For the more adventurous, the vast mountain kingdom offers an unique wilderness experience. It offers visitors various nature based opportunities which include, rock and mountain climbing, camping, bird watching and scenic drives. To the traveler it offers a memorable traveling experience through stunningly beautiful landscapes of a type to be found only in the Eastern Cape.

Addo Elephant Park

Game Drives

Addo Elephant Park offers many diverse activities and you can choose from :

Guided Game Drives , Eyethu Hop-on Guides, Self-Drive Game Viewing
Horse Trails, Zuurberg Hiking Trails, Tree Dassie Trail
4x4 Trail, Bird Watching and the PPC Discovery Trail

Each activity is customised by Jägerhof Game Lodge to meet your requirements and budget so please contact our reservations team for more information. Addo Elephant Park is of course a must visit when in the Port Elizabeth area . Local legend surrounds a boisterous & tragic elephant by the name of "Hapoor".

The magnificent Elephant head which is mounted in the restaurant is that of Hapoor, the legendary dominant bull in the park for 24 years. The waterhole in the southwestern section of the game area is named after him. Hap means 'nick' in Afrikaans, while 'oor' means ear and it is believed the distinctive nick in his ear was caused by a hunter's bullet. Hapoor retained a deep hatred of humans throughout his life. On more than one occasion park-staff were forced to flee to safety when Hapoor made his appearance. His dominance stretched from 1944 to 1968. During the second part of the 1960's a few younger bulls reached maturity and challenged Hapoor. These upstarts were unsuccessful until one bull name Lanky finally deposed Hapoor in 1968. Hapoor was driven from the heard and became a loner. Later that year he succeeded in climbing the park's 'Armstrong Fence', which for nearly 20 years had been elephant proof. His freedom was to be short lived as because of his aggressive nature, it was determined he would have to be shot.

Tooth & Claw private Game Drive

On this private game reserve we can take our guests as close as possible to get the best viewing of rhino, hippo, giraffe and the king of the beasts, lion! We try to show our guests as much as possible on a drive and concentrate on the popular sightings rather than 'the birds and the bees'

Customised Game Drive

This malaria free reserve is probably the most densely stocked reserve in Africa, and with over 40 mammal species and approximately 2000 animals, can offer consistently good game viewing throughout the year. It was the first reserve in the Cape Province to have free roaming lions and we can almost guarantee sightings of these magnificent animals on every Tooth & Claw game drive.

The reserve is owned, managed and run 'hands on' by the owners, who are now in their sixth generation and have owned the original farm, Orlando, since the early 1800's. After nearly 25 years of experience in the safari business they have created a unique, relaxed and truly South African experience .

For all events please call reservations on +27 (0) 83 266 5444

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